According to the US Bureau of Labor, 93% of companies that suffer a significant data loss are out of business within five years.

We don’t want this to happen to you, so we work with you to put together and implement a disaster recovery plan for your business. This includes identifying critical data and systems and triaging the recovery in the event of catastrophe in order to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Below are things we do so you can avoid these problems:

Image-Based Backups

Instead of backing up individual files and folders your entire system is backed up, creating an exact copy that can be restored later. We can even have a standby server in place to bring online in minutes in the event your current server experiences hardware failure so that your business downtime is minimized.

Local Storage

Backups are stored on an appliance in your server room. This allows the backup process to complete quickly, minimizing impact on your server and network. A local appliance also allows quick recovery from a local source as opposed to downloading backups from the Internet.


Cloud-Based Solutions

Whether it’s theft, fire, failed hardware or even a false fire alarm sprinkler incident that could impact the availability of your server, we have the solution that will ensure your business continues without interruption. We use top rated backup solutions and provide experienced engineers for design and implementation.



Consult with Us

Having business continuity and disaster recovery plans in place is likely the most critical aspect of your technology infrastructure. We will develop your recovery process for you and your business from the infrastructure to the end user producing an instructional guide that is intuitive and effective.

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