Many businesses run into problems with the lifespan of the technology that they use.

A common mistake that is often made is to assume the lifespan of a PC is six to ten years. Though it is completely plausible that your PC will run for that long, it is very likely it will need repairs - repairs that cost more than a new system. On top of this bad news, worse, older, and obsolete hardware is "...less efficient, increases downtime likelihood, feeds staff and customer frustration, endangers sales, and threatens other lost opportunities."

Below are three things that you can do to avoid these problems:


Your equipment is used for years and years and becomes outdated. We assist in retiring aging technology at proper life cycles so you do not experience lack of efficiency or loss in productivity. 

Hardware & Software

When you experience slow or lagging computers, we ensure a solution that provides you with optimal performance and longevity. We provide firewalls, switches, wireless access points and other networking hardware.


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For non-professionals, it is difficult knowing when or how to replace aging hardware and software. You can rely on Sawyer Solutions to recommend the right solutions for your business.

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