A Mysterious Bug Is Deleting Microsoft Teams & Sharepoint Files

Sep 30, 2021 | Uncategorized

Microsoft invests about $1 billion in cloud security each year, yet one minor outage has resulted in thousands of deleted files. When was the last time you backed up Office 365, GSuite, and Salesforce? 

Last Monday, March 18, Microsoft suffered a massive outage that affected almost all cloud services, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, and SharePoint. By the next day, numerous Microsoft clients found that hundreds of files went missing, despite their Sharepoint folder structure remaining intact. 

What Is Causing These File Disappearances?

Files were deleted in large quantities, indicating this couldn’t have been a small-scale breach. Many of these files were found in Sharepoint’s recycle bin, but Microsoft is still investigating the cause of the issue and the outage last Monday. 

Microsoft Teams has also been affected, as files shared in the channels were no longer accessible to employees in either the desktop or web client. Microsoft has found the issue related to Teams and is working on a solution. 

Read more about the incident here! 

What Should You Do If You Have Been Affected?

Microsoft advisories gave the following advice:

“Some users may have received some form of notification indicating that their files were deleted; such as a message from OneDrive stating “Remove files from all locations” or a notice that their files were being removed from their synced folders and placed into a recycle bin.

Impacted users can manually initiate a resync to resolve the problem by restarting their machine. Subsequent file syncs will restore the files to the appropriate local folders.”

This unexpected instance further signals the need for businesses to be using third-party backups. Third-party data backup solutions provide quick and complete data recovery in the event of data loss or disaster. So, if any of your systems were affected by this Microsoft incident, you could be confident your business would be protected from long-term damages. 

Do You Have The Backup Solution Your Business Needs?

Your business needs the tools and resources to prevent data loss incidents from occurring AND ensure an efficient recovery from disasters out of your control. 

We’ve seen several businesses make backups and recovery plans a priority and be overwhelmingly grateful seemingly considerable disasters turn into a minor bump in the road. 

If you have questions about this Microsoft issue or are missing several files, call us today at (844) 448-7767. To learn more about backup and recovery options for your business, contact us! We offer FREE consultations to help set up your business for success.