Know a Business Struggling with IT? We Can Help!

Spread the word and get rewarded.

Our new Sawyer Solutions Customer Referral Program is open to anyone – friends, family, colleagues – who knows a business that could benefit from our managed IT services.


Ready to refer?

Fill out the form below with your information and the contact details of the business you’d like to refer. Make sure they’re expecting our call — a mutual introduction is preferred but not required.



Here’s how it works:

  1. You refer a business that needs IT help
  2. We contact them and discuss their needs
  3. If they become a Fully Managed Client spending at least $300 per month for 90 days, you get rewarded


How much can you earn?

  • $100 per PC/Mac on for-profit companies you refer
  • $60 per PC/Mac on non-profit companies you refer

Want all the details?

Read our full Referral Program Terms and Conditions for complete program guidelines.

Let’s grow together — Refer a business today!

Referral Program Sawyer Solutions

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