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When it comes to data backup and recovery, failing to have a plan means you’re preparing to fail. At Sawyer Solutions, we will help you prevent disasters from happening. We also prepare you for the worst-case scenario by creating a disaster recovery plan that protects your most critical data and systems in the event of a natural disaster or breach.

The National Archives & Records Administration in Washington, D.C. reported that 93% of companies that lost data for 10 days or more because of a disaster went bankrupt within a year. Partner with Sawyer Solutions, and we’ll make sure your business won’t become just another statistic.

Our Data Backup and Recovery Services Provide:

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Sawyer Solutions’ data and backup recovery services will provide you with the peace of mind that your company can endure even the scariest catastrophes. As your trusted MSP, we’ll protect your data as if it were our own.

IT support

Our friendly and caring team of experts is standing by ready to lend a hand. Give us a call at the first sign of trouble, and Sawyer Solutions will jump right into action to minimize the damage.

Image-based backups

Rather than backing up individual files and folders, our team at Sawyer Solutions backs up your entire system and creates an exact copy that you can restore later.

Minimal downtime

According to Funderasmall businesses spend an average of more than $950,000 to get back to normal after an attack. Sawyer Solutions helps cut down on costly downtime by providing customers with a standby server that can get you online minutes after a hardware failure.

Local storage

We store backups in your server room, which speeds up the process and allows for rapid recovery compared to downloading files off the internet. 

Cloud-based storage

Don’t let a fire or freak sprinkler accident ruin your files. Our engineers design top-rated offsite backups that integrate seamlessly with the backups you have onsite.

Looking for More Sawyer Solutions’ IT Services?

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We make your cybersecurity our top priority.

data backup and recovery

Cloud Services

Cloud solutions and cloud services that fit your business needs.

data backup and recovery

IT Compliance

Stay current with IT compliance and HIPAA compliance standards.

disaster recovery

Computer Hardware

Kiss your outdated, difficult equipment good-bye.

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Our managed IT services will help your business thrive.

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