Announcing Benji Sawyer as CEO of Sawyer Solutions

Sep 30, 2021 | Blog

In September, Ken Sawyer stepped down to CFO of Sawyer Solutions LLC and named Benji Sawyer CEO of the company. Ken Sawyer, who describes himself on the company’s website as the Chief Elder, transitioned out of his role and relinquished his title to his son. He said, “We’ve always had a shared vision; we’re a family business. This has always been the plan. We’re proud of Benji and all that he does. He has really stepped up and worked hard and is ready to lead the team into the future.”

In the past few years, Benji graduated from several prestigious programs, including the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Businesses program and Leadership Shelby County, which played an important part in preparing him to take this role. Benji was also named a 2019 Alabama CIO of the Year ORBIE Award Finalist in the Corporate Category.

Benji, a self-described “Young at Heart Whipper-Snapper and Head Tech Guru Guy,” served as Chief Operating Officer since the company was established in 2011. He assumes the key role of Chief Executive Officer in the fast-growing, award-winning company whose motto is “Doing IT, so you don’t have to.”

Ken Sawyer is also a guest commentator on the “Your Security Guys Show” on Saturdays on Talk 99.5 in Birmingham. A few weeks ago, he told the talk show hosts, “We’re really happy about Benji’s accomplishments. My job as CEO was just always just to try to get out of the way. Give some ideas and guidance and stand back and let people amaze you. Benji is one of those people. I congratulate Benji, and I thank our customers for their role in helping us grow.” Ken now transitions into the role of Chief Financial Officer.

The Sawyers have always viewed their endeavor to serve as a collaboration between two generations of the Sawyer family. Recently, The Birmingham Business Journal ranked Sawyer Solutions 14th on its FastTrack 30. “We’re proud and humbled by this ranking and thankful that the company has continued growing even during a pandemic,” said Ken Sawyer.