Don’t Let the Zoom Bug Catch You

Sep 30, 2021 | Blog

Zoom, for those who don’t know, is an online meeting platform. It is very easy to use and even has a free version you can use. It has become immensely popular in the current crisis as a way for virtual meetings to happen and let people see each other with webcams as well as share screens. It also has a fairly major security flaw that has just been discovered.

Beware Links in Zoom

Basically, there is a bug in zoom that will allow someone to steal your Windows password if you click on a specific type of link using the Zoom chat feature. The link would look different than a normal web link. A normal we link looks like The trouble type of link looks like \attacker.example.comC$. The key thing to note here is the use of back slashes – “”, instead of forward slashes – “/”.

Be Paranoid

Now I am sure that Zoom will have this security flaw patched quickly, but this should serve as a reminder to be cautious. Be especially cautious when using remote tools like this as each tool increases the ability for attackers to get at you. The bad guys are out there and they are trying to get you. This is especially true in today’s crisis mode where people are using more tools to enable remote work.

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