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The smallest amount of downtime or the most minor of inefficiencies can hamper your ability to administer top-shelf medical care to your patients. At Sawyer Solutions, our customized IT services can be tailored to fit the needs of pharmacies, major medical centers, multisite practices, doctors, dentists and therapists.

Just as your patients put their health in your hands, your practice will benefit by putting your healthcare IT services in the hands of Sawyer Solutions.

Whether it’s IT, compliance or cybersecurity, the team of Sawyer Solutions has the industry IT services to fit any business.

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The Benefits of Healthcare It and Dental Services From Sawyer Solutions Include:

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Full HIPAA compliance
Legal IT Services
More time devoted to patients
Legal IT Services
Minimal downtime
Legal IT Services
Increased practice efficiency

Partner Your Practice With Sawyer Solutions and Get Access to These Services:

Legal IT Services Birmingham Hoover

Just as your patients put their health in your hands, your practice will benefit by putting your healthcare IT services in the hands of Sawyer Solutions.


We offer data protection and endpoint security to make sure your data is secure, and your reputation remains intact. Our experienced staff also offers security training to you and your employees, ensuring everyone in your company knows how to stave off a cyberattack.

IT Compliance

Having a hard time keeping up with the ever-changing IT security standards? Our IT compliance services will make it so you won’t have to — Sawyer Solutions will help you stay current with all of your compliance needs to keep you out of trouble and in the black.

Cloud Services

We will work with you on recommending a cloud solution that keeps your data secure, fits your budget and can be scaled to your specific needs. Our cloud services also include email services ranging from Hosted Exchange to Microsoft 365.

Data Backup and Recovery

Data breaches can happen. Your ability to handle them makes the difference between a catastrophic event or an incident that’s quickly handled with as little damage as possible. At Sawyer Solutions, we will create a disaster recovery plan that prioritizes your company’s most critical data and charts the best course of action to keep it safe.

Computer Hardware

Slow, lagging devices are detrimental to any business looking to thrive. Sawyer Solutions offers firewalls, switches and wireless access points, as well as assistance in retiring aging technology, to make sure you get optimal performance out of your equipment.

Managed IT Services

Yes, we can fix something when it’s broken. But at Sawyer Solutions, we pride ourselves on being proactive to prevent your systems from breaking in the first place, saving you tons of time and money you’d otherwise lose to downtime. Our managed IT services are just what your business needs to succeed.

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