Our Managed IT Services Are the Right Choice for Organizations of all Sizes.

Any IT company can offer you a break-fix solution. But at Sawyer Solutions, we believe that IT should just work. That is why we proactively manage and monitor your systems, preventing many technical mishaps from occurring in the first place.


We have a proven process to help you move your business forward – and we’re with you every step of the way. We offer a worry-free approach to ensure your network is stable, secure and reliable. Taking responsibility and being highly accountable for your IT network is why we have such a high customer satisfaction rating and are able to build lasting relationships with our clients.

End User Support

With expertly managed, best-in-class IT, your team can do its very best work.

Managed Security

A complete and fully efficient data security solution requires a proactive approach to safety.


We can provide IT solutions that are cost effective, efficient, secure and tailored to your needs.



In an industry where lives are literally on the line, down-time and IT inefficiencies are never an option. From major medical centers and multi-site practices to dentists, doctors and therapists, our customized IT Managed Services is best-in-class and will be tailored to fit your needs. Rest assured that every network and security measure will be made with HIPAA compliance and the vitality of your patients in mind.


Time is Money

Yes, its cliché, but time is money for legal firms.  You want to keep everything running without interruption or outage while maintaining the highest levels of security both internally and for your clients.  Clients of legal services firms are demanding more from the technology platforms to communicate quickly and securely.

Collaboration is Money

Document collaboration, online meetings, and mobile devices are making IT performance a more complex business problem.  Clients demand quicker responses in a secure environment.

Sawyer Solutions provides you with fully redundant systems that are also highly compliant and incredibly secure — guaranteeing that your performance will be top-notch. 

CPA's and Professionals


In accounting, it is mission critical to be efficient, especially during tax season. Sawyer Solutions is your best option for IT Managed Services in the Alabama area. 

Outsourcing the monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure to Sawyer Solutions will reduce IT-related expenditures and at the same time improve your IT system performance.  More importantly, you will ensure that every “customer touchpoint” will meet expectations.

Veterinary Clinic

You need that technology to be available when you need it. Computers, servers, imaging and testing equipment, and faster and more responsive support are all requirements for today’s veterinary practices. Sawyer Solutions works with you as your trusted IT partner and resource. We keep your network secure and available so you can provide the services that grow your practice and keep you focused on patient care.

Benefits of Sawyer Solutions' IT Services to Vet Clinics & Animal Hospitals:

  • Network Stability 
  • Computer Security 
  • Mobility 
  • Technology Support
Sawyer Solutions' managed security and compliance services focus on protecting your clinic from as much risk as possible while still keeping your business productive.
Architecture & Engineering

Having worked with various types of architecture and engineering firms around the nation, we know a thing or two about your specific technology needs.

Anyone in construction knows that building cheap can end up costing you in the long-run. IT is no different. That’s why we service our clients with only the best. Wherever the worksite and wherever your needs exist, Sawyer Solutions keeps your job running. Our solutions offer best in class service and let you focus on the day-to-day needs of your team.

Small & Medium Businesses

Our Managed IT Services provide a highly reliable and flexible solution that will continue to grow as your business grows. Sawyer Solutions has an extensive range of capabilities from consulting, cloud-based solutions, and IT management capabilities. We pride ourselves on delivering IT infrastructure and support services that exceed industry averages in many categories.

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