The Internet’s “Game of Chromes”

Sep 30, 2021 | Uncategorized

In the browser world, Google Chrome is the unofficial king. Microsoft has decided it is time for a Chromium infusion to give them a better Edge. We’re referring to the Microsoft Edge browser, that is barely in the fight these days. According to Greg Keizer of Computer World, only 12% of the internet’s minions chose Edge as their default browser. Google Chrome wins the default browser bragging rights with a whopping 67%.Ironically, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge Browsers, preinstalled on Windows machines, are often only used to download Google Chrome or Firefox. To begin to gain more clout and market share, Microsoft has decided to use the “If you can’t beat them, join them” strategy. They are working on a new version of Edge using Chromium.

Chromium for All

Chromium is not Chrome. It is an open source code – or foundation – that Google developed and built the Chrome browser on. You might think of it like this: Chromium is the foundation for a home and Google has built their Chrome house on top of it, adding their own flourishes, polishes, and features to it.Since it’s an open source code, anyone or any company can use it and make changes to it. That’s what Microsoft intends to do. Chrome is currently Edge’s biggest competitor, so Microsoft is planning to build a browser to rival it.

What should be expected from this new Edge?

At this stage, Microsoft has only released small test and developer versions of Edge. Those versions don’t have a lot of the features that they plan to either implement or change.Microsoft has said that they are changing or removing over 50 Google services from Chromium for their Edge browser. What they are doing with each of the services has yet to be announced.Some of the services and features that they have already disabled are the Extension Store, the Google Webstore, and Google Cloud Storage. A good guess as to what they are planning to do with these services, is probably replace them with their equivalents such as the Microsoft store, and Onedrive. This is all speculation but seems highly likely.

Our Thoughts

Once the new Edge comes out, we will be very interested to see how it performs side by side with Chrome. With Edge, Chrome could potentially have a major competitor, and finally a little bit of competition.Competition is always good for innovation, so we are excited to see what the future holds.

Which Browser Is Right For You?

There are several other browsers out there such as Firefox, the other major competitor to Chrome and Safari, which is preinstalled on Apple devices and is quite popular with the users of those devices.There are also several other lesser known browsers out there:

  • BRAVE: If you are concerned about your privacy and security, you should take a look at Brave.
  • OPERA: Opera also uses Chromium as the browser base or foundation.

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