Three Things to Consider when Moving Office Space

Sep 30, 2021 | Uncategorized

It has been said that three of the most stressful events we will all encounter in life are death, taxes, and moving. We can’t help you with the first two, but we can make your next office move less stressful. 

Great news!

Your company is growing! Now you need more office space to accommodate new team members or maybe an upgrade to a space that sends the right message to your new clients.  

Before signing on the dotted line for that new space, here are three things you need to consider to avoid some serious potential headaches.

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Internet Options

You might think worrying about internet connectivity in your new office space is silly. You might even assume it will be better than what you currently have. While that SHOULD be correct, it’s not. 

We have seen plenty of businesses move to industrial parks or even Class A office space in a large building only to find they have two options: 

  1. Really slow DSL 
  2. Really expensive fiber optic cable

You vs. An Expert

So, before you make this really big decision, you need to know what is offered in that new location. You can check with the local cable vendor directly, but there’s a better option you may not have considered.  

Contact an internet service broker that deals with multiple providers. They can do the leg work and give you the pricing for all the options available there. Less work for you and the information they provide will help you feel confident signing that new lease.  

Plan for 90+ Days 

Once you have signed on the dotted line, it might still be 90-plus days before the internet gets turned on in your new location, so you want to make sure you start planning far enough in advance.

Data Wiring 

You may dream of running everything wirelessly in your new space, but that isn’t something we recommend. Wireless connectivity is a great tool, but a hard-wired connection is going to be faster and more reliable for devices that stay in one place. 

3 Cables to 2 Locations = 6 Cables in a 1 Person Office

Here’s what we recommend for a single person office: 

  • Run at least three ethernet cables 
  • To at least two different locations 
  • On different walls

Having six cables will offer more flexibility and room for expansion during your lease. You could add a printer, another desk, or even rearrange the furniture in the future with that data wiring configuration.

If you are doing a completely new build-out in the space, it is far less expensive to get the data wiring done during the build-out phase instead of after.  Working with your IT company in advance will save you a lot of money.

Wireless Coverage

Most businesses want to have wireless access to their network in their office, especially in their conference rooms. To make sure you have sufficient coverage in your space, you should share your floor plans with your IT service provider as soon as possible. They can review the plans and how you intend to use the new space, and then make recommendations to make it happen. 

If you have an IT company for your business’ data security and IT needs, it would also be useful for them to walk through the space. They can point out any wireless interference you might have already, which can affect your coverage.

Smooth Move

Spending a little time and money working with your business’ IT company before you move will save you money and headaches on moving day and beyond. We work with our clients at the beginning of the planning process so that they have fewer surprises, and they can budget sufficiently for the move.

Sawyer Solutions can help you plan your space to fit your technology needs, help you move your computers and devices, and make your next move a smooth(er) one.  

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