Computer Hardware Services in Pelham

Sawyer Solutions provides worry-free computer hardware services in Pelham and throughout Alabama. With our experience and expertise, you can maximize your business’ IT infrastructure to facilitate growth, productivity and innovation 

What Are Computer Hardware Services? 

Outdated technology can be detrimental to business operations and hinder your ability to stay competitive. Computer hardware services, also known as hardware as a service, refer to IT expertise, support and management focused on optimizing the quality lifecycle of your IT infrastructure. 

These services maximize hardware performance, ensuring your systems operate at peak efficiency. Regular maintenance, patches and updates prevent potential issues that can lead to costly downtime and prolonged business disruptions. 

Computer Hardware Services in Pelham

Computer Hardware Services in Pelham — What We Do

At Sawyer Solutions, we recognize that old hardware can slow your business down and lead to loss of productivity. That’s why we support companies in Pelham with computer hardware services.  

We first consult with you to understand your current tech and pain points. We then recommend upgrades and replacements, if necessary, and regular maintenance to prolong the life of your hardware. From installation to education, we ensure your new technology is set up properly. We’ll even dispose of your old tech for you.  

In addition to computer hardware services management, we can support area businesses through:  

IT Support


Our managed IT services will help your business thrive.

cloud managed services


We make your cybersecurity our top priority.

cloud managed services

Cloud Services

Cloud solutions and cloud services that fit your business needs.

IT Support

Data Backup & Recovery

We’ll keep you up and running if disaster strikes.

IT Support

IT Compliance

Stay current with IT compliance and HIPAA compliance standards.

Our services ensure you have the technology you need so your business succeeds. 

Why Choose Computer Hardware Services from Sawyer Solutions?  

You may wonder: Why pay for hardware as a service when you can go out and buy and maintain your own hardware? Investing in computer hardware services is smart because it takes IT experience and expertise to optimize performance, enhance security and mitigate risks. Partnering with Sawyer Solutions allows you to focus on your core business activities while we care for your IT infrastructure.  

Hardware as a Service from Sawyer Solutions includes: 

IT Support

Effective hardware and software

We offer comprehensive, endtoend support for hardware and software — from integration to compatibility — for technology that never lets you down. 

IT Support

Reduced costs

Our tailored hardware services optimize costs without compromising quality. Through strategic selection and maintenance, we minimize unexpected IT expenses. 

IT Support

Expert consultations

Sawyer Solutionsfriendly professionals offer expert insights into the latest industry trends and tech advancements so your business can stay competitive.  

IT Support

Enhanced security

Security is our top priority at Sawyer Solutions. Our computer hardware services include robust security measures to safeguard your business against cyber threats.  

IT Support

Outdated equipment disposal

Our services extend beyond upgrades. We take care of properly disposing and recycling obsolete equipment to adhere to environmental standards.  

Industries We Work With

Different industries require specific hardware requirements. We take pride in delivering hardware as a service in the following sectors: 


Communities We Serve:

We provide cutting-edge computer hardware services in:     

  • Birmingham 
  • Hoover 
  • Alabaster 
  • Helena 
  • Homewood 
  • Vestavia Hills 
  • Chelsea 
  • Trussville 
  • Bessemer 

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