Why Small Businesses Need IT Support

Sep 30, 2021 | Blog

The first word in the classification “Small Business Owner” may refer to the size of the enterprise, but not the scope of responsibilities for those overseeing its operation. Consider that as an owner, whether your company is large or small, you still need to formulate a business strategy, hire the right personnel, and thoughtfully manage your money. Given those responsibilities and so many more, it’s not unusual that a task like IT support might be overlooked or considered “optional” at a small company.

Still, given practically every business’s reliance on computerization, the need for IT expertise is indispensable, whether it’s on staff or from a third party. To make the point, let’s consider the following:

Data Security

Data is everything. It runs your business. It is how you know who your customers are, and get paid for your products and services. It’s valuable, for sure, but not just to you. Cybercriminals want what you have, and they have the tools to go after it. You may think, “My business is pretty small. We aren’t some multi-billion-dollar company. Why would they target us?” While a smaller business may have less data on hand, their cyber defenses are often much weaker, making them an easier target for data theft. Whether in-house or outsourced, qualified IT support can provide prevention and protection strategies to defend your business from potential threats.

Efficiency and Productivity

Many software and hardware issues, such as outdated or malfunctioning equipment and applications, can lead to productivity losses. With knowledgeable IT support, you can be sure you have the right technology that works at peak performance. Having someone skilled to help with your ongoing hardware and software maintenance can help limit downtime and its negative impacts. That peace of mind allows you to focus on the many other responsibilities you’re tasked with, not the least of which is growing a successful business.


The world of technology is changing quickly and continuously, and it can be challenging to keep up. But for IT professionals, it’s their job to be in-the-know about the latest updates, software, threats, and more. With this expertise you get inside knowledge about the industry applied directly to your business. In short, their expertise contributes to leveraging your expertise.

Technology Is a Must for Growth

Needs vary between companies, but one thing remains constant — businesses large and small need technological solutions, as well as qualified IT support. Technology can help you run your business, yet it can also present its own vexing challenges. Including these professionals on your team will help you remove the barriers and embrace the opportunities for growth.

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Hiring full-time IT personnel may not be feasible for many smaller businesses. If your IT needs are not extensive, outsourcing these services may be a more effective and cost-efficient solution. One such approach is Managed IT Services, in which your systems are managed and monitored proactively, preventing many technical mishaps from occurring in the first place. Because of the many options and custom solutions available from outsourced IT professionals, this is often the most strategic choice for small businesses. Such an arrangement provides the confidence that your systems are working and reliable. Managed IT services are also customizable to the needs of your business. To find out more about the Managed IT Services at Sawyer Solutions and our many other offerings, contact us for a free consultation!